Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 11.

Author Kyle Perkins

by Kyle Perkins.

This week we have Nik Angela! Let’s jump in.

Question 1: Who are you, and what do you write?

I’m Nik Angela and I write contemporary and historical romance…or anything else that haunts my mind and robs my sleep until I write it down.

Question 2: What’s the “anything else” that haunts your mind? Butt stuff?
Not particularly…but….first time for everything I suppose.
Question 3: As long as you’re open to it. How long have you been an author?
Doors are never closed. I’ve been an author as in published since last February…but been writing since I was a teenager.
Question 4: When you were a teenager, did you write about historical romance, or about stuff like ponies?

It was the 90’s. Picture angry, middle class girl…I was Daria. So of course it was totally angst-filled stories about the soccer captain who didn’t know I existed.

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