The Neverending Ending

I thought I might post an update, but I know these things tend to be sort of boring. I’ll categorize this thing so you can skip right to the stuff you give a shit about. 😉

My group – As anyone following this blog (hey, hey there! *eyebrow waggle*) has probably noticed, I’ve been collaborating with Kyle to make our Speculative Fiction Fb Group a happening place! Those writing prompt winners that I share are weekly, and the contest is open to everyone (don’t have to be an author to play!) so def come by and check it out, if you might be into that sort of thing!

Reviews – I’ve also done a ton of reading and reviewing for fellow indie authors, which has definitely introduced me to a ton of books I probably wouldn’t have known to pick up, otherwise. I’ve seen some brilliant worlds and characters, come across a few tropes that I didn’t realize were tropes until I read the same thing in several books within a short period of time, and of course I enjoyed the hell out of those heavenly doses of escapism. Unfortunately, I have bitten off more than I can chew, so I had to put a pause on that for a bit while I wrap up…

The Book That Seems Like It Will Never End But Is Actually Pretty Close to Ending – I’m back in the swing of things! I actually had a bit of a lull while I was working on some side projects. I’ve been back on it for a while, and while my word counter has me at 95% done, I think I may actually exceed that for this first draft. I sent the doc to my kindle to re-read it all so I can hopefully avoid continuity errors (Great method for those of you who are like me and have a hard time speed reading your stuff because you get caught up in revising as you go.) I’m in a good groove with it, so hopefully it will be done and out to beta readers within a month. That’s the plan, at least.

Wish me luck and keep it real!