Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 14.

I had an awesome time talking about dragon junk, believable characters, what my plans are with this book I’m writing, and the implications of waking up naked in bed with a torpin. Thanks for the Bizarre Interview, Mr. Perkins!

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins

Sorry for the inactivity lately, holidays and all.

Today we have an up and coming author that is nearly finished with her debut book. Welcome, SJ Wolford!

Question 1: So who are you and what do you write?

Sam, but I write under SJ Wolford. Right now I’m working in the fantasy genre but I hope to dip my toes into everything under the speculative fiction umbrella. Eventually. lol

Question 2: Fantasy? So, like elves, dwarves and dragons?

Exactly, although I have changed up the look/behaviors of certain races and creatures, and added a few.

Question 3: So that makes you the leading expert on elf penises. In your book, which race has the biggest penises? I’m gonna say dragon, but I could be wrong. Little help?
LOL You know, I’ve put a lot of thought into the subject. I’d say dragon, but that hardly seems fair…

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Ancient Stories: The Wild Hunt

Words With Nick

Ancient Stories: The Wild Hunt

The myth of the Wild Hunt, or “Raging Host,” is based on an ancient European folk story. It has been told and retold by many different cultures over thousands of years, but its origins are popularly held to lie among the ancient Germanic tribes of central Europe. It usually takes the form of a cautionary tale about a supernatural hunting party, pursuing its prey through the woods (or the night sky). Its pre-Christian origins have taken different forms over the centuries, but all are recognizable as having their roots in the original myth—and, like most myths, the story of the Wild Hunt was meant to entertain. It was also intended to offer moral and spiritual guidance.Ancient Stories Wild Hunt

  1. What Is the Wild Hunt?
  2. Elements of the Wild Hunt Story
  3. Origins of the Wild Hunt
  4. Post-Christian Forms of the Wild Hunt
  5. Modern Pop Culture References to the…

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Cyberpunk and the Sci-Fi Curve

Really interesting!

Words With Nick

Cyberpunk and the Sci-Fi Curve

Cyberpunk is a fan favorite literary, film, and gaming niche within science fiction, which has long since turned into a “supergenre;” sci-fi plays host to many popular subgenres (among them steampunk, alternate history, and post-apocalyptic survival). What sets cyberpunk apart from the rest, in addition to its recent rise in popularity, is the fact that it seems poised to fall in line with the sci-fi curve—in ways which its progenitors probably weren’t expecting.

This attribution is something which is normally associated with classic, mainstream science fiction, often of the “harder” (more realistically detailed) variety. It is frequently associated with names like Arthur C. Clarke, Gene Roddenberry, and Isaac Asimov, and even with such venerable writers as Jules Verne and H. G. Wells. Thousands of terrified radio listeners would certainly attest to the all-too-horrifying detail of Wells’ War of the Worlds.


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Writing Prompt: Week 9. #specfic

Author Kyle Perkins

Speculative Fiction Emporium Writing Prompt Winner!!!

Congratulations to Jennifer Long for winning this week’s writing prompt in Speculative Fiction Emporium!

PROMPT: “A demon is assigned to follow and terrorize a child, only to find that the child is far more evil than the demon can even comprehend.”

I’ve always been a bit of a klutz, and that’s putting it mildly. I was that awkward girl with the wild frizzy hair, freckles, and long legs. Instead of becoming a super model, all my perfect figure brought me was bruises and scars. I tripped over everything, and sometimes even nothing. That’s what finally caused my demise at the innocent age of eighteen. Yeah, I was that girl who tripped down the subway stairs and tumbled right in front of an oncoming subway. That was just the beginning though. It turns out that there really is a tunnel with a light at the…

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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 11.

Author Kyle Perkins

by Kyle Perkins.

This week we have Nik Angela! Let’s jump in.

Question 1: Who are you, and what do you write?

I’m Nik Angela and I write contemporary and historical romance…or anything else that haunts my mind and robs my sleep until I write it down.

Question 2: What’s the “anything else” that haunts your mind? Butt stuff?
Not particularly…but….first time for everything I suppose.
Question 3: As long as you’re open to it. How long have you been an author?
Doors are never closed. I’ve been an author as in published since last February…but been writing since I was a teenager.
Question 4: When you were a teenager, did you write about historical romance, or about stuff like ponies?

It was the 90’s. Picture angry, middle class girl…I was Daria. So of course it was totally angst-filled stories about the soccer captain who didn’t know I existed.

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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 9.

Author Kyle Perkins

By Kyle Perkins.

This week we have Bonny Capps with us, and I’m excited to get started!

Question 1: So, who are you and what do you write?
My name is Bonny Capps and I write horror and erotic/horror.
Question 2: Fun stuff. Do you ever write stuff that scares you? Like, to where you have to run through the hallway and hit the light switch up before going to the bathroom? (PS: I still do this.)
Umm, not really. I honestly don’t scare easily when it comes to horror. I’m constantly trying to find movies that will get my adrenaline pumping. I love the thrill. I do write things that disturb me sometimes because my books push certain… limits…
Question 3: You speak of limits… I assume you’re referring to butt stuff?
There is definitely some butt stuff, haha. More than anything – beyond the gore – things like…

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Bizarre Interviews with Kyle Perkins-Week 8.

Author Kyle Perkins

This week we have Mark McQuillen with us! Let’s get to it.

Question 1: So, who are you and what do you write?
Mark McQuillen Author of The Valkyrie Darkness series and co Author of Queen of Winter.
Epic Fantasy with a little Erotica and Paranormal romance mixed in.
Question 2: So, writing fantasy erotica, is there a high demand for that?
Well yes and no there’s alot of if out there it seems that people focus on the sex. With little or no story. I made the story the first priority. I added the sex scenes later.
Question 3: I’m the same way. A lot of people write plots around the sex, meanwhile I just write stories that could take or leave the sex itself.  I mean, sex happens in real life. To exclude it from a story makes it boring and unrealistic, but also centering a story…

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Writing Prompt: Week 9. #specfic

Author Kyle Perkins

Prompt: You’re a writer who has died. When you cross over, you discover that the worlds you created in your mind are actual places. You’ve now found yourself in your own creation for eternity. What happens next? (If you’re an author, use your worlds, or one of them. =) )

WINNER!!! by Janneke Wolbers!!

I am writing this, I don’t even know how i am doing this. Now i know what you are thinking, how can you not know what you are writing? It is pretty easy to explain to you, if you look past my desk you can see my body lying there.
I had a heart attack a few hours ago. No one has found me yet and i have already seen so many weird things.
There is a woman dressed in white saying she is a reaper and i needed to come with her…

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