Writing Prompt: Week 7. #specfic

Author Kyle Perkins

by Kyle Perkins

Writing Prompt – Week 7: After receiving a new laptop as a gift from a person who chose to remain anonymous, you find a folder named ‘Video Logs’ in the ‘Recents’ folder. It contains video logs of yourself, but you don’t remember doing them… and the last one is pretty disturbing.

WINNER!!! By Angela Lovelace

It was not strange for me to get anonymous “gifts.” I was not the kind of person people wanted on their payroll. I was a house flipper, houses could be sold for a profit when I was done.

I scared the ghosts away. Maybe I didn’t scare them, more like I annoyed them into using up all their energy so the Veil could take them.

Thumps didn’t bother me. Banshee wails or the throaty “get out!”? I’d just blast Skrillex and usually the ghost wore out before the dup step did…

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