Writing Prompt: Week 6. #specfic

Congrats, Angela!!!

Author Kyle Perkins


The door to the massive spaceship slides open to reveal a T-Rex in a silver jumper and sunglasses. As stunned people look on in silence, the massive creature lowers his shades and bellows, “Yo, where’d everybody go?”

WINNER!!! By Angela Lovelace

Jerry stared at his tv in disbelief. He wanted to be there! “There” was hours away, so the only way to see what was happening was to stay put and watch the live news feed.

The real-honest-to-goodness spaceship had landed in a field in the suburbs. He leaned forward, anxious to see what would come out of the slowly opening doors. He felt his cat head butt him and he absently petted the black and white tom.

“Holy crap, Narbles! There’s a T-Rex coming out of that ship!”

Jerry felt claws dig through his jeans, and scratch his leg.

“Hey! Cut it out–” he…

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