An interview with text based roleplayers

Great article! Some solid points about text based RP, I can agree with these. I RPed for a while and it kind of switched the writer part of my brain back on after a serious bout of writer’s block. It also helped me get over my paranoia of other people reading what I had written. I’d definitely recommend it for those who are struggling with similar issues (or if you’re just looking for a really really fun hobby).

Author Kyle Perkins

1. How has roleplaying improved your writing?

Thomas: Honestly it helped me a lot. I had strayed away from writing for quite a few years, leaving my first work, a suspense novel, hanging dry with only around 26 chapters done. I hit a block big time, and couldn’t find the motivation to finish it. Roleplaying popped up one day a few years back, and what started as a casual bit of fun to pass the time, quickly grew into quite an obsession, full of passion.

John: I would say working with other people who enjoy writing has inspired me to step up my game when it comes to the work I’m putting out. Things that I normally wouldn’t pay attention to and little errors I would normally let slide suddenly bother me when I know that other people will be reading it.

Christiana: You receive immediate feedback on how effective…

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