Slow & Steady Wins the Race… or nah?

I’ve been updating my wordmeter but haven’t posted in a while! I have been doing a lot of reading and writing, but I’ve unplugged the dam with my creative juices and now I have ten different ideas scattered around my desktop!

So, I mean… that’s probably a good thing, but not good for the damn book I started nearly a year ago.

Focus. It sounds so easy, in theory, but… wait, what was I saying?

Really, though… I’ve decided no new projects until I finish this baby. We’ll see how that goes. I did touch base with the friend who is designing my cover, so hopefully I’ll have one of those neat events or something to show it off to the world soon! Exciting stuff!

Anyhow, off I go to fail miserably at staying focused on this thing. lol




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