Checking in

So, even though I am not posting fresh blogs as I go, I have been trying to update my word tracker as I write. I have to say, it is very gratifying to chip away at that goal and watch the bar move little by little.

Sometimes, I go back and rearrange or rewrite parts of the book. Those days are a little frustrating because it feels like no forward progress is being made, my characters are still stuck, suspended indefinately mid-conversation until I get around to moving the plot forward. And part of me thinks (knows) that I will never truly feel that it is 100% perfect. I’ll always read a part and think, “You know what? There’s a better way to say that.” But, I will get it as close to perfect as I possibly can. Maybe once it’s finished I will tweak it so frequently and so often that eventually I will get bored with it and send it out just so that I won’t be tempted to change anything else. I don’t know.

I’m also looking at submitting a few short stories here and there for various literary contests, because… well… why not?

I’m afraid those are the only updates I have for now. Here are some online fridge magnets to play with. I used to have a set of these… It was always fun to check out the refrigerator after a fun night of drinking with friends. Interesting, the phrases an intoxicated mind will come up with.

Fridge Poetry




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