Skull Cake Fun!

Today began the countdown to my sister’s annual Halloween party. I decided to have a go at a 3D skull cake, despite my ineptitude when it comes to baking. 

This is what the box shows: 

And this is my end result:

Not too bad if you ask me! 

I used 2 boxes of regular cake mix (really far too much, I think one box would’ve done the job just fine). 

Here’s a photo of it busting out of the mold, I also had a small side cake I made with excess batter. 

So yeah, two boxes was probably a bit over the top. Oh well, more scrap snacks for me! 😉

I used powdered sugar and decorating gel for the finishing touches. I did color some frosting to kind of try to seal the two halves together, though I don’t think it was necessary. Also, my poor coloring skills and half-assed icing job made it look more like a fun little Easter bonnet instead of my intended rotting brain.

It’s okay, you can laugh. I know I did!

Thankfully the “blood” and “dust” was enough to hide most of that tragedy. All in all a fun experience, it looks pretty impressive, and the pan did all the work. 

I rate it 10/10, would bake again. 

Here’s an Amazon link to the pan I used, in case you’re curious!

In other news: 
No update on word count yet, but the night is still young! I’m going to try to get something written tonight, I’ve got a date with a particularly mischievous elf that I’m excited to get started on. 




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