3 AM Brag


I didn’t think I would get any writing done today, but I ended up finishing the chapter I was working on! (Word count is now at: 46,063) Just another reminder that you should alway try to write, even when you aren’t feeling creative. Sometimes you’ll surprise yourself!

One more chapter to go before I am at the halfway point! I’ve been working on this for months (Put together the basics of the world and the outline for the first book in June), but I did take some time away from it. My goal is to keep up the momentum and get this rough first draft done before the end of the year. No telling what will happen with holidays on the horizon. Even so, I think it’s a very doable goal. Maybe I’ll even get some proofreading done before 2016, too. A GIRL CAN DREAM!

Alright, I’m off.



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