Under Construction and a Little About Me

Finally! I got this thing up and running! This page is under construction, and I hope to update frequently with my progress and just any cool things I happen to stumble across during this adventure into the world of an author.

(Fair warning:  I can’t make any big promises for the month of October. My family is a bit nuts when it comes to Halloween).

I guess I can share a bit about myself. That’s what people do on these things, right? Right.

I live in Florida, and it is every bit as crazy and wonderful as you might think. I’ve always loved reading and writing, perhaps to an obsessive degree. I can still remember my mom’s frustration when she would take me to the library to check out a pile of books and I would burn through all of them within a day or so. My 4th grade teacher told me I would be an author someday, at the time I didn’t understand what was so special about my writing and I figured she was just being nice. Maybe she was just being nice, but I’m still going to use it as motivational fuel. At one point, “hanging out with friends” involved me sitting at my gigantic 90’s era computer, typing out stories with my friends as the main characters. They’d check in, read the stories, then run along their way so I could write some more. I absolutely loved it.

So, why then at 29 years old am I just now actually serious about completing my first book? There are a variety of reasons that I put writing on the back-burner, I am sure many of you will relate to that sort of thing. Doubt, fear, and just… real life gets in the way. I opted for more practical career choices because, well, bills need to be paid, y’all. But I never stopped writing. I just never really committed to it. I have probably 100 different beginnings to books written, tucked away on misplaced floppy disks and flash drives and broken down computers. (Thankfully, I’ve finally learned to back up my work somewhere that it is impossible to misplace.)

Anyway, after all this time talking about it and daydreaming about it, I finally committed to finishing a novel (with some encouragement from my family and my S.O… Part of me thinks they were just tired of hearing me say things like, “If I ever write my book…” and “I could write something like this.” LOL)

Of course I face the same old ugly insecurities and fears that I’ve always had, but I have finally reached the point where I have a great story that I want to tell, and I need to finish this thing for me. I’m not going to say that what other people think doesn’t matter to me… because, it does… to a degree. I want others to enjoy it, and when I receive that inevitable criticism… yeah, it is gonna sting a bit. But, I’ve reached a point in my life where I can handle that sort of thing without falling to pieces. I’ve been disappointed, heartbroken, insulted and offended. It’s not the end of the world and I always bounce back. My skin has thickened up nicely and I am prepared for whatever obstacles I have to overcome to see this thing through.
Well, this “quick little intro post” has certainly grown quite wordy. I should probably wrap it up, eh?
I’ll finish with where I am at with my book. As of today, I am 44,413 words into the first draft of what will probably be a 100k word fantasy novel. Obviously the word count will change with edits, etc… but I am well on my way and getting to some really fun interactions in my plot so the words are flowing easy right now. I hope you all will have as much fun reading this as I am having writing it!
To conclude this blog post…

Here’s a link to this neat dragon pumpkin. These are insanely cool!

Thanks for reading!!



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